How to Prevent Razor Bumps on Bikini Area

Beach time is just around the corner. You’ve done a great job in slimming down and making yourself bikini-ready. Now the only thing that needs to be done is to trim excess hair around the pubic region. But the problem is that you’re prone to razor bumps. This article will teach you how to prevent razor bumps on bikini area.

Razor bumps on bikini line can be a major source of embarrassment.  These unsightly, inflamed areas are also known as pseudofolliculitis pubis. They are also colloquially known as barber’s itch. And they can make your face red in shame.

So how do you prevent these razor bumps from occurring? Here are some ways how to prevent razor bumps on vagina area:

  1. Exfoliate

ExfoliateYou will have to exfoliate your skin first before you shave. Exfoliation not only helps in maintaining the youthful, radiant glow on your face but also prevents shaving irritation.

Before you shave, exfoliate to remove the dead cells in your skin. You can mix sugar with jojoba oil for this purpose. You can even use this mixture in exfoliating the underarm area to reduce bumps and irritation in that part of the body.

  1. Soak in Warm Water

Ideally, you shave your pubic region at the end of your shower. But if you shave outside of the shower, cover the area to be shaved with wash warm cloths. Warm water can open up the pores around the hair follicles, which makes it a lot easier to shave that part of the body.

  1. Use a Sharp Razor

You obviously need to use a sharp razor to get a closer shave and prevent razor bumps on bikini line.  Shaving with a dull blade can only irritate your skin, aside from making it harder for you to cut those hairs.

  1. Use a Soothing Shave Gel

Apply a shaving gel to moisturize the skin and make it easier for you to shave. Apply a generous amount of gel to the skin before you take out the razor. If you don’t have a shaving gel, you can use coconut oil as an alternative.

  1. Shave Against the Grain

This means shaving in the direction of the hair growth. So if your hair down there grows downwards, start at the top and shave downwards. Shave slowly. If the hair has grown longer to a quarter of an inch, it would be better to trim it down first before you shave it.

Because the hair in the pubic area is a lot coarser than hair in any other part of the body, you could be tempted to apply more pressure on the razor. Avoid doing so, as it can only cause more trouble. We’re specifically talking of cuts and infections.

Be careful in shaving hair down there. Take things slowly. It might test your patience at times, but you don’t want to have razor bumps on the bikini area that can put you to shame eventually.

  1. After Shaving

After ShavingAfter you shave, dry the pubic area completely. Don’t rub the towel too hard as it can lead to dry skin, or irritation. When it’s dry, apply baby powder or coconut oil.

Better yet, you can order for a shaving system that is designed for coarse and curly hair, like the hair down there.

The Bevel Shaving System is specifically marketed to guys who are prone to razor bumps like African-Americans who have coarse hair, but it can also be used by women who want to shave pubic hair in time for their beach trip.

Any Bevel shaving review would tell you that this system consists of the following products:

  • Bevel Razor
  • Bevel Priming Oil
  • Bevel Shaving Cream
  • Bevel Restoring Balm
  • Bevel Badger Brush

You can get this five-piece shaving system at $30 a month, with bundles shipped every three months.

But why should you get this shaving system? Can’t you just use any other razor in shaving hair down there?

The Bevel Razor is specifically designed to prevent razor bumps.  For one, its handle measures about four inches which means you can comfortably handle it for shaving your pubic hair, or hair in the legs or underarm.

The razor is also of the right weight. It’s not too light or too heavy. You don’t need to apply a lot of pressure on the razor, unlike other multi-blade safety razors. Simply make gentle slides with the razor for a clean, and irritation-free, shave.

Plus, you’ll never have to buy disposable cartridges again. The Bevel shaving system comes with 60 blades that actually cut the hairs, and not pull or scrape it unlike multi-blade safety razors.

There are other advantages of using the Bevel Razor.

Since it makes use of a single blade, the Bevel Razor is easier to clean. On the other hand, multiblades clog. Aside from being harder to rinse, these razors can pull hair and cause razor bumps.

Bevel shaving system The other products included in the Bevel shaving system are also designed to help you achieve a closer shave, and prevent irritation on the bikini area.

The priming oil, for example, moisturizes the skin and softens the hair, which makes it easier for the blade to cut through. It is made of all-natural ingredients like olive oil, castor oil, and sunflower seed oil.

The shaving cream also features natural ingredients like aloe vera, white and green tea, and shea butter. Using it should result to a comforting shave down there.

The restoring balm is what you can apply to the skin after shaving, instead of coconut oil.  It rejuvenates the skin, with ingredients that include jojoba oil, lactic acid, shea butter, tea tree oil and witch hazel.

Indeed, having Bevel shaving system can help you prevent having razor bumps around the pubic region. Although it is primarily marketed to men with coarse hair, the shaving system is versatile enough to be used by women who want to shave hair in areas like the underarms, legs, and even the pubic region.

Now that you have learned how to prevent razor bumps on bikini area, go ahead and follow these tips so you won’t have to worry about anything when you wear a swimsuit.

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