Where to Buy a Micro Touch One Razor

You’ve heard from your colleagues how great it is to shave using the Micro Touch One razor, a single blade safety razor that is similar to the one that your grandfather used back in the day. Now you’re inclined to get one but you don’t know where to buy Micro Touch One razor.

The truth is that there are lots of online stores as well as brick-and –mortar stores that sell this modern version of the classic one blade safety razor. Although multi-blade safety razors have become the standard, you’ll be surprised to learn that the single blade razor is slowly making a comeback. This is due to the fact that the old-school way of shaving provides a closer shave than multiple blade razors.

Here are some of the online stores you should check out:

  1. Amazon.com

Amazon.comArguably the most popular online store out there, Amazon.com does carry Micro Touch One Razor units. You can also find Micro Touch grooming products from this website like Micro Touch One refill blades and Micro Touch Max trimmer.

One of the main reasons why shopping on Amazon.com is great is because of the numerous reviews that you will be able to read regarding the Micro Touch One. You’ll be able to know what other Amazon.com users think about the safety razor. This way, you can make a sound judgment on whether or not to proceed with your purchase.

In some instances, you can also get tips on how to properly use the razor, as well as how to fix replacement blades, or how to ensure that the Micro Touch One would last for a while when you read the reviews of Amazon.com users.

By the way, the Micro Touch One Razor has a solid 3.5 star rating out of a possible five star rating on Amazon.com, as rated by Amazon.com users.

  1. As Seen on TV

Micro Touch One Razor is heavily advertised on a nationwide scale, mainly through As Seen on TV. So it is not a surprise at all that this product is also available at the As Seen on TV website.

Like on Amazon.com, you will be able to read user reviews on As Seen on TV.com. However, the number of reviews on the said website is significantly lower than in Amazon.com.  The Micro Touch One Razor enjoys a high 4.5 star rating on As Seen on TV as voted or rated by the website’s customers.

  1. EBay

Another popular online store where you can buy the Micro Touch One is eBay.

EBayOne of the reasons why you’ll like to shop at this website is that you can buy a Micro Touch One razor at a lower price.

You can bid at auctioned single blade safety razors, with the starting prices usually lower than the standard $20 price tag of the Micro Touch One. You can find auctioned razors by clicking on the “Auction” tab.

If you’re not interested to participate in auctions, you can buy the Micro Touch One razor right away by clicking on the “Buy Now” tab.

There’s also a bigger chance that you will be able to nab a cheaper Micro Touch One razor on Ebay because the website features a more diverse set of suppliers or sellers.

In fact, there are sellers based in China that ship Micro Touch One razors at a cheaper price (around $6). Shipping fees would also be around $6, so you can get a Micro Touch One at $12 including blade refills.

There are lots of payment options that you can choose from. You can pay using your credit cards or through PayPal.

  1. Micro Touch One website

If you’re wary of online scams, then you should buy the Micro Touch One directly from its manufacturer by visiting its website, www.onerazor.com.

The main reason why you’d love to order Micro Touch One from the said website is that you’ll get coverage or protection in the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with the safety razor. Placing an order on the website gives you a 30 day money back guarantee.  So if you are not pleased with the Micro Touch One after a week of use, you can get a full refund.

The only downside is that you won’t get any discount when you buy the Micro Touch One razor from the said website.

  1. Brick and Mortar stores

Brick and Mortar storesVisit your favorite retail stores like Walmart and Walgreens and chances are, you’ll find the Micro Touch One razor sold on these outlets.

Arguably the main reason why you would prefer to buy from brick and mortar stores is that you can see an actual Micro Touch One razor. You’ll be able to hold the razor and check out its components, like its chrome-plated handle and easy-to-open head cover.

You can even order from the websites of these popular retailers. The websites of these retailers also feature reviews from their consumers although the reviews are far fewer compared to those in Amazon.com.

Regardless of wherever you buy the Micro Touch One razor, you’ll still be making a great investment in this single blade safety razor. You’ll realize why your grandfather preferred to shave using a double edge safety razor, and why your father resisted using multi-blade safety razors.

You will also be able to save more money in the long run when you opt to use the Micro Touch One razor. Although $20 seems too pricey for a safety razor, bear in mind that you won’t need to buy expensive cartridges when you have the Micro Touch One razor.

Yes, there is some learning curve in using the Micro Touch One Razor, but you will eventually master the skill of using a single blade safety razor.  And now that you know where to buy Micro Touch One Razor, go ahead and start comparing prices so you can get the most competitively priced razor in the market.

The Micro Touch One User Guide: How to Make The Most Out of This Single Blade Safety Razor