Promo Code For Bevel Shaving System

Even though there is no shortage of shaving products available in the market today, the fact remains that all the shaving products cater to the majority of the population that does not have curly hair. There was a need in the market for a specific shaving system geared towards people with coarse hair or curly hair.

The creators of bevel shaving system recognized this need and they came up with the perfect solution in the form of bevel shaving kit. One of the most unique things about this shaving kit is that contrary to other popular products in the market, it comes with a single blade razor. Who thought that in this age, one would get to see a single blade razor except in the barbershops.

One Of The Biggest Problems

Bevel-Shaving-Gear-Patrol-Lead-Full-Right-BlackOne of the biggest problems faced by people with curly hairs is that they develop razor bumps. These are small bumps that develop in the skin after the shaving. These not only spoil the attractive look but can also get sore. Sometimes, these small bumps can also turn into permanent scars. It comes as a surprise to many but these are the result of improper shaving.

Most of the people use multi-blade razors that cut hair from underneath the skin by pulling the hair up. Due to this, sometimes the hair curls back and starts growing inwards. Ingrown hair leads to irritation in the hair follicles and a small bump develops at that place that looks just like a pimple. However, it is possible to avoid these razor bumps by shaving with a high-quality razor.

To prevent shaving this razor bumps and ingrown hair, you need to open up the pores of your skin by wetting it with hot water before shaving. Once the pores have opened up, you should use a thick lather shaving cream for skin protection. The blade that you are going to use should be sharp and in a high-quality razor. Do not shave in the opposite direction of the hair growth.

Oce You Are Done

Once you are done, you need to close the opened pores by putting a cold damp cloth on the face. Also, it is recommended to not shave for a few days if you already have razor bumps. This will give some time for razor bumps to heal up.

Recent surveys suggest that over 75% of men experience irritation due to shaving. It is also estimated that only around 20% of Caucasians get razor bumps whereas around 70 to 80% of black men are affected by razor bumps. This is due to the fact that the black men usually have tight curly hair that is more prone to in growth.

Some people also use electric razors but these do not give a close shave whereas most of the creams often contain harmful chemicals that can result in pigmentation and may have also other serious side effects. The only solution available today is to shave in a different manner. In fact, if you take a look at some of the photographs that were taken around 100 years ago, you will notice that people in that era did not have any razor bumps but they were clean-shaven.

The only difference is that they used to shave with a single blade razor whereas most of the people today shave with multi-blade razor. As mentioned above, a multi-blade razor is designed to pull up the hair and cut it from the bottom which results in razor bumps. The biggest advantage of a single blade razor is that it cuts level with the skin.

Bevel Is Complete Shaving System

Bevel is a complete shaving system that has been specifically designed to reduce and prevent skin aos-powershavefineirritation and razor bumps from shaving. There are a total of five parts in the system including a primer, single blade razor, shaving cream, shaving brush and a moisturizer. The priming oil is responsible for softening the skin and it contains olive oil and lavender oil.

The shaving brush supplied with the system is soft and it gently lifts hairs. The shaving cream protects the skin while shaving and it contains the white tea and several other ingredients for proper hydration of the skin. The single blade razor included in this system has been specifically designed for cutting hair in a straight manner level with the skin. It also comes with a moisturizer that contains tea tree oil, jojoba oil and oat kernel for repairing and soothing skin. It does not contain alcohol.

There are number of highly positive reviews of this shaving system on internet. Almost all the users have been impressed by this system as they have not experienced any razor bumps for the first time in their life. Most of the people have always used multi-blade razors all their life and they did not know that such a system even existed.

After Using This For Around Two Weeks

bevelAfter using this for around two weeks, most of the users agree that there is no better shaving system for people with curled hair. It not only prevents ingrown hair but the primer and the shaving cream keeps skin smooth and free of any irritations.

This shaving system has been launched recently and all the people who can benefit from using this system are not aware of its existence. Therefore, the manufacturer offers a number of bevel shaving promo code to help new users try out the system and feel the difference.


So, if you have always faced the problem of razor bumps and ingrown hair, you should give this a try. The promo codes can significantly bring down the cost of this shaving system.

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