What To Do If You Get Razor Bumps In The Bikini Area

Unwanted hair is one of the biggest problems of modern women. Today’s trend is to have a smooth and clean skin pretty much everywhere except the scalp, so most women need to get rid of their hair in areas such as underarms, legs, arms and the bikini area. There are multiple methods of doing it, so each girl can choose what suits her best. Some enjoy waxing because it gives them a skin smoothness very hard to equal by other hair removal methods. Others prefer electric epilators, as they are very convenient and easy to use wherever you are. Unfortunately, the hair grows back pretty quickly and it can’t be plucked again until it reaches a certain length.

This is why some women prefer shaving their body in order to get rid of their unwanted hair. Shaving is painless and it only takes a few minutes, provided that you have a little experience. You can repeat is as often as needed, so you can always look your best in all important occasions of your life.

Problem With Shaving

The only problem with shaving is that many women develop razor bumps in the bikini area and about-razorsometimes on their legs. The bikini area is problematic because the skin there is extremely sensitive. You need to be very careful not to irritate it when shaving. Nonetheless, even the most careful persons can occasionally get razor irritations that can become infected and cause severe problems and not such a pleasant look.

If you happen to irritate your bikini area, avoid shaving until it heals. Let the hairs grow back a little and the irritation to disappear. Otherwise, if you shave your razor bumps you risk severe infections that may need medical attention. This is why it is important to allow the skin to heal before attempting any other hair removal procedure.

During The Healing Process

hqdefaultDuring the healing process, you can use moisturizing products to alleviate the pain and treat the razor bumps. Products based on aloe vera are very good, as they have excellent anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. If the products come in roller bottles, just roll them gently on the surface of your skin for two or three times a day. If they are in normal bottles, use a cotton ball to apply the solution on your skin. Always let it dry a little before putting your clothes back on.

Ideally, you should avoid going to the swimming pool until your irritation heals almost completely. You never know what germs you may take from the water, so it’s best not to invite them inside your body through such open gates.

Another thing you should avoid is to scratch or break the bumps with you fingernails. If this happens, you should use a special disinfecting product. If you don’t have any, go ask your local pharmacist, as such products are available over-the-counter. Anyway, if your bumps get infected, it’s a good idea to treat them with an antibacterial cream such as Neosporin, Bacitracin and Polysporin. Again, your pharmacist can recommend you a good product, as don’t shy away from asking for some guidance. If you believe the situation isn’t getting any better, you should schedule a consultation with your doctor. Never ignore such infections, as they are very risky and they have a lethal potential. Dieing because of razor bumps would be silly, so don’t let this happen just because you don’t feel like asking any doctor for advice.

As a General Rule

As a general rule, you can avoid razor irritation if you always use new, sharp razors. A dull one is not too effective in giving you a close shave anyway. Besides, it increases the risk of infection or irritation around the hair follicle. Additionally, always check your razor for rust before shaving. If you notice even the slightest rust marks on it, discard it immediately. Rusty blades are extremely dangerous, so they shouldn’t be used, even if you don’t have another one in the house and you need to wear pants in order to prevent people from seeing your hairy bits.

If you want to prevent bumps and irritations in the first place, you should always exfoliate before shaving. Use a mild product and rub it gently onto your skin. Rinse it well, apply a generous layer of shaving foam and only after that proceed to shaving. Avoid applying pressure on the razor and you glide it along your skin. Just hold it firmly and glide it over the bikini area. Additionally, you can always try to shave in the shower, as the hair becomes softer and the skin less prone to irritations.

Never Shave Without Shaving Cream

BEVEL_GroupNever shave without applying a shaving cream or foam first. Such products are good because they help the razor glide smoothly, but also because they soften the hairs. For best results, allow the shaving cream to sit on your skin for a few minutes before shaving. If you don’t have shaving cream in the house, you can use hair conditioner instead. It’s much better than a dry shave.


Last but not least, after you’ve finished shaving, always rinse the area with cold water. This helps closing the pores and reduces the risk of razor bumps, irritations and infections. When drying yourself, don’t rub the freshly shaved areas with the towel. Pat them dry gently and you are going to save your skin from those nasty irritations you hate so much.

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